Minimally Invasive Non Surgical Alternatives to Surgery

Minimally Invasive Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Aharonov is an accomplished Facial Plastic Surgeon who is highly specialized in minimally invasive non surgical alternatives to traditional surgical procedures.  He is trained in the latest techniques and advances resulting in virtually invisible scarring. He is one of the premier Beverly Hills plastic surgeons in the minimally invasive non surgical eyelid lift, non surgical facelift (fat grafting or transfer), non surgical rhinoplasty, liquid facelift, or treatment of under eye dark circles.  His primary goal is to enhance your natural beauty without the exaggerated unnatural look that can occur when a patient has a surgical procedure before it is really necessary.  Minimally invasive nonsurgical procedures are ideal for those patients who desire a more refreshed youthful look, but are not quite ready for surgery.  Dr. Aharonov is an expertly skilled Facial Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills California who will often utilize a combination of surgical and minimally invasive nonsurgical techniques to give you the most optimal result so you look and feel your best.

Treatment for Dark Circles

Individualized treatment including Restylane filler injections to under eye dark circles can eliminate them without the need for surgery.  This treatment can also eliminate the appearance of bags under the eyes.

Non Surgical Eyelid Lift

As we start aging we lose volume in our brow and upper eyelid, giving us the appearance of sagging skin and hollowness, as well as drooping of our brows.  Most time surgery is not needed and we can reverse these aging changes with a bit of filler.  Most patients do not need surgery for their upper eyelids, and if anything, surgery will only make you look artificial and unnatural.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty
For a select group of patients, injectable fillers can correct depressions, or improve the tip or angle of the nose, either after a rhinoplasty they are not pleased with, or instead of ever having a rhinoplasty. Whether it be a small hump, an irregularity, a droopy tip, or even certain breathing issues, non surgical rhinoplasty might be an ideal approach to help you achieve the nose you've always wanted, without surgery.

Liquid Facelift

Can produce a gentle lift or facial contouring to improve a tired, gaunt look, while also improving the appearance of the eyes.  This can be done in a step wise fashion and customized to your individual needs.  There is minimal downtime, and you can get back to work or your activities almost immediately.

Lip Enhancement or Augmentation
Injectable fillers or fat can be used to create full lips, correct uneven or down turned lips or replace lost volume that happens to us all with aging. Lipstick lines develop as we loss lip volume,causing vertical wrinkles extending from our lips. It is possible to give you fuller natural looking lips. You will not end up with ridiculous obviously artificial lips.

Correction of a Gummy Smile  
Some people show too much gum when they smile, causing them to feel self-conscience. For the right patient, this simple procedure can make a significant improvement in your self esteem after just a few injections of botox. Done in his Beverly Hills office, this virtually pain free procedure can last up to six months. This technique can also correct an irregular or asymmetric smile when one or more area of the lips is drooping lower or raising higher than the rest of the lips.

Fat Transfer to the Face (Non Surgical Facelift)
Restores fullness to the face and cheeks for a more youthful vibrant look

Non Surgical Neck Lift  
Can define your jaw line, tighten the skin around the jaw and chin, and eliminate jowls. Ideal for younger patients who don't want a drastic change but want to maintain their youthful looks

Non Surgical Brow Lift or Chemical Brow Lift
Can raise the brows to a youthful natural position without surgery using only botox and facial fillers. Refreshes your appearance without giving an unnatural "surprised look."

Botox and Dysport
Can smooth lines, wrinkles, elevate a sagging brow or reduce a  prominent  jaw line.

Injectable Fillers
Various fillers are available with different properties which are best suited to an individual's needs. They can restore volume to hollowed cheeks, face or eyes.


Scar Revision: Improving the Appearance of Scars  
Utilizing both non-surgical and surgical treatments to improve the appearance of scars including botox and steroid injections, and surgical revision of enlarged, reddened or keloid scars.

Before and After Photos of Minimally Invasive Non Surgical Treatments