Repair of Facial Wounds, Lacerations and Dog Bites

Repair of Dog Bites, Facial Wounds or Lacerations

Deep facial wounds, lacerations or dog bites can leave the face scarred and disfigured. Medical attention should be sought if the wound is gaping, does not stop bleeding, or is open. Wound healing is critical on a person's face, and is treated differently than a laceration on another part of the body. Prompt treatment by a facial plastic surgeon can minimize potential scarring. Dr. Aharonov is an expert in minimal scarring techniques for facial lacerations in both adults and children. A lengthy visit to a crowded Los Angeles emergency room can further stress this already traumatic event. Dr. Aharonov's Beverly Hills office is conveniently located, and his friendly staff will assist you so that the process is prompt and painless.

A qualified facial plastic surgeon can initially close the wound or dog bite to minimize the appearance of scars, although some scarring may be inevitable. With older, healed wounds, Dr. Aharonov can perform scar revision, skin grafts, dermabrasion, pressure scar modification, or botox injections to help correct the disfigured feature.

Dr. Aharonov is a leading facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who can best evaluate your damage and determine the best options for treatment. If either you or your child has suffered a facial or other highly visible wound as a result of a dog bite or trauma, schedule an appointment with Dr. Aharonov. Every effort will be made to see you as quickly as  possible, and after hours and weekend appointments can be made by  special arrangement. Los Angeles area residents should contact Dr. Aharonov after hours by calling our office number or via email at