Male Cosmetic Surgery: Surgical and Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures for Men

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What is different about cosmetic surgery for men?

We live in a society that places high value on looking young and attractive. This pressure now is just as great for men as it has been for women for generations longer. Men are frequently worried about cosmetic surgical procedures making them look more feminine or making them look "done". It is possible to perform both surgical and non surgical cosmetic procedures for men while maintaining or enhancing masculinity and without looking "done". It is important for men especially to look at the body of work when considering cosmetic procedures to make sure that the particular surgeon does not have a tendency to feminize the male face. Certain facial shapes are more feminine versus more masculine. There are ways to make a feminine face look more masculine and vice versa.

During your consultation with Dr. Aharonov he will explain to you what can be done to enhance or maintain your masculinity and make you look like a more attractive man, not a feminized version of yourself. We have all seen examples of men who have clearly had bad plastic surgery leaving their eyes looking more hollow and feminine with arched ridiculous eyebrows and apple cheeks. This does not happen by accident! A surgeon who had no idea of how to maintain a masculine look did the same surgery on these men as is performed on women!

Non Surgical Male Cosmetic Procedures

For the majority of men, the first sign of aging is around the eye area. Volume is lost around the eye leading to drooping of the brow, hollowness under the eyes, and the appearance of dark under eye circles. There is a way to correct these issues without looking like a drag queen. Sometimes a simple filler treatment can make your eyes look like they did 10 years ago.

Male Facial Fillers

Facial shapes can be either more masculine or feminine. For men, a balanced proportional masculine face might entail a strong jaw line and a more square facial contour. Studies have shown that certain male facial shapes can project more virility, confidence, and intelligence. Some men naturally have a weaker jaw for their face which can easily be augmented with either facial fillers or implants to subtly increase the masculinity of their facial shape. Male cheeks look very different than female cheeks and it is very easy to turn a masculine looking man more feminine if the cheeks are not injected properly. Dr. Aharonov understands what makes a face look more masculine and can therefore address your needs in a natural more masculine manner.

Male Rhinoplasty

It is still more socially acceptable for women to have certain cosmetic surgical procedures than for men. A male nose needs to still convey strength, masculinity, and balance with the rest of the face. Hence a male rhinoplasty needs to be done very conservatively to maintain masculinity. Sometimes instead of making the bridge of the nose smaller it is possible to reshape the tip to be in balance with the bridge thus creating a more attractive nose that is still strong and natural looking. Men are much more likely to injure their nose due to sports related injuries than women. Most times this leads to a crooked nose in men with potential airway obstructions. It is possible to straighten the nose and reshape it in a way that still looks very masculine and natural.

Male Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is sought after almost as much in men as in women. Eyelid surgery is also the easiest way to feminize a man's face. Male eyelids are very different than female eyelids and need to be approached very differently surgically. Take a look at pictures of yourself when you were younger and decide if that's what you want your eyes to look like. It is possible to make your eyes look younger, not "done". Men who have had eyelid surgery performed by other surgeons frequently consult with Dr. Aharonov to masculinize their eyes and make them look more like they used to look.

Male Facial Implants

Bone structure is an important component to a masculine appearance. Where most of the feminine facial structure is shaped by fat volume, the male structure is more dependent on bony support. The jaw plays a bigger role in a masculine face and sometimes needs to be augmented to either balance larger cheeks or to give more definition. Chin implants and angle of the mandible implants can be used to give the male jaw more definition and prominence. Dr. Aharonov is one of the nation's leaders in male jaw augmentation.

Male Facelift Surgery

There are several different considerations when it comes to facelift surgery in men. The growth and direction of the male beard will need to be taken into consideration when it comes to the incision that will be made. Also, because most men wear their hair short, scar location is very important. Because men have thicker more vascular facial skin, meticulous attention to hemostasis is important to avoid a blood collection after surgery.