Dimple Surgery Before and After Photos


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  • dimple_surgery_cheek_dimple_surgeon_01
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  • cheek_dimple_creation_surgery_dimple_expert_01
  • cheek_dimple_creation_surgery_dimple_expert_02
  • dimple_surgery_cheek_dimples_surgeon
  • dimple_surgery_nose_job_los_angeles_rhinoplasty_01
  • dimple_surgery_nose_job_los_angeles_rhinoplasty_02
  • dimple_surgery_dimples_creation_01
  • dimple_surgery_dimples_creation_02
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Dr. Aharonov respects absolute patient confidentiality and privacy. It is important and comforting to our patients to know that their photographs will not be misused in any way. During your consultation in our office you will have an opportunity to go over many more before and after photos of patients who have explicitly agreed to allow others to look at their pictures during the consultation process.


Disclaimer: These Before & After photos are for communication purposes only and are not intended to make any assurances or guarantees regarding outcome of any particular procedure. The descriptions may not paint a complete picture of the procedures performed, and the information should not be seen as medical advice. They are not to replace a proper personal consultation which will describe techniques and risks in detail. Please contact our office for any additional information.