Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Whether your skin reconstruction is part of your cancer treatment, or whether it is a follow-up procedure to lessen the cosmetic damage caused by cancer treatment, there are options available to you that can lessen the lingering cosmetic impact of your skin cancer.

Skin cancer treatment and reconstruction

Most types of skin cancer, when caught early, can be effectively treated using specialized methods of excision. Types of cancer that can be effectively treated this way include:

  • Basal cell carcinoma
  • Squamous cell carcinoma
  • Malignant melanoma
Techniques used to excise the cancerous skin include:

  • Cutterage and electrodessication-A technique in which the cancer is removed using a specialized tool called a curette, which allows us to remove all the affected cells with accuracy and precision. The wound is then treated with electrical charges to eliminate any remaining cancerous cells, and to limit bleeding.

  • Cryosurgery-This technique uses liquid nitrogen to destroy cancerous and precancerous cells

  • Laser therapy-Laser therapy uses a specially calibrated light to target and destroy cancer cells

  • Radiation-Radiation therapy is commonly used in areas that are difficult to treat surgically. In this procedure, the cancerous tissue is irradiated to destroy the cancerous cells.

  • Topical chemotherapy-This treatment uses powerful anticancer creams, which are applied to the affected area, destroying cancerous cells

Post-treatment reconstruction

Patients who have had skin cancer are relieved when the threat of cancer has passed. However, many of them soon find that relief tainted by the embarrassment of the scarring that is left behind once their treatment is completed.

In most cases of skin cancer, the cancerous material is removed surgically. Depending on how far the cancer had spread, and on the area of the excision, this scarring may be minimal and fairly obscured, or it may be more troublesome.

Much of the scarring left after cancer treatment can be treated with standard Scar Revision procedures.

Skin cancer can have serious aesthetic consequences that you can have repaired or improved. If you live in the Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, California area and are looking for a way to improve your appearance, contact Dr. Aharonov to schedule an initial consultation.